Enhanced Smart Galley

Created with the future in mind – IoT based galley systems

The eSmartGalley offers new cabin communication architectures and state of the art technologies to airline operators, crew, and passengers. Digital inventory management and RFID-trolley detection reduce crew operations and enable the crew to focus on the passengers needs. This goes hand-in-hand with the ability to generate extra ancillary revenues with improved and personalized services. Intercom functions, checklists, orders from the passengers over the airline app, power levels, refrigeration monitoring, and safety check-ups can be evaluated, scaled up or down, and changed in real time from anywhere in the cabin via cabin attendant panels or handhelds. This IoT-based technology enables airlines to collect, process and transmit data for predictive health management and other data driven services. Innovative insulation, flow-optimized ducting and 3D-printed air guides as well as a modern power management make the eSmartGalley energy effcient, lightweight and quiet.


  • Communication with the cabin network based on new intelligent cabin communication standard
  • Fully integrated monument in the cabin
  • Advanced crew interface adaptable to crew needs
  • Inventory management supporting the crew to monitor inventory and to find items fast and easy
  • Power management increasing power efficiency
  • Automatic control and monitoring of inserts and functions
  • Smart cooling device (ARU) controlled by galley system
  • Automated safety check for door & latch status