Experience Line Bridge

Intelligent surfaces: From digital textures to moving images

The Experience line BRIDGE is the enabling gear to combine current and upcoming static and dynamic visualization technologies creating the perfect cabin atmosphere. The ambiance of an aircraft cabin is an essential factor for passenger comfort and retention. Diehl Aerospace’s innovation is to create a fully integrated system combining lining elements and surfaces, image projection and cabin lighting to a new flight experience. Several illumination technologies create different optical effects – starting from cabin illumination via accent lights to projection systems and displays. With the Experience line BRIDGE all such technologies and effects can be easily combined and controlled generating outstanding wow-effects. The Experience line BRIDGE can be integrated in any cabin, whether discrete or bus controlled and adapts to the existing control or cabin management system. The operation for the cabin crew remains as is – there is not even training necessary. Cabin experience transforms by a fingertip. Prototype system is flying since August 2019.


  • Completely new visualization technology for messaging and corporate branding
  • Enhances the emotional affect of flying
  • The technology can be very easily integrated and the controls are easy to operate
  • Can be retrofitted at any time, expanded upon, and is future-proof
  • Additional direct revenue through promotion and advertising
  • Flight information becomes next-generation infotainment