Space up the passengers' experience with "INDIVISE"

In the future, individuality as a need will increase. The expression of individuality defines the identity of a modern human being who likes to reinvent himself. Privacy, entertainment, and comfort are the most important added values of the „New Class“. This new concept „INDIVISE“ aims to meet their needs and wishes during the flight and is presented in cooperation with Diehl Aviation. „INDIVISE“ is made up of technology and services that can be individually configured and customized - with each new flight anew, if needed. Concept study / Category / University


  • Individual and fast cabin configuration respond to passenger preferences
  • Serve a “New Class“
  • Rethinking traditional values and norms
  • Modular, flexible arrangements of seats and seat options for individual comfort
  • Customizable travel space with focus on weight reduction and a new design experience
  • New sustainable, lightweight and smart materials with low production costs
  • A focus on saving time for passengers