Galley rack

Fast Solution for Oven Compartments

Flexibility in the galley is becoming increasingly important. The product Galley Rack offers the possibility to install up to three standard units additionally in the galley. Its very easy to install and the cross-aircraftuse make it indispensable for anyone who needs flexibility. In addition, the existing galley has no need of modification. The Galley Rack uses the existing interface points to ensure mounting and grounding. The aircraft installation can easily be done in an Over-Night Stop.



  • Extends standart-unit capability within the aircraft cabin
  • Fast change from oven compartment to standard-unit compartment
  • Insert removal and Galley Rack installation in Over-Night Stop
  • No modification of the galley necessary
  • Applicable in every galley and every type of aircraft
  • Conclusive solution compared to change the galley
  • ca. 7 kg net weight
  • Maximum payload limited to oven less net weight