Aft area

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Compact & efficient – even in the back of the cabin.

Competition among airlines is relentless. So success demands excellence and efficiency. Diehl Aviation took this demanding market environment as an opportunity to fundamentally re-think existing solutions.

The result was SKYPAX™, a new cabin densification concept developed in cooperation with Lufthansa Technik with its highly-integrated monument for the aft area. It is made up of a Galley and two Lavatories, which can be converted for people with reduced mobility to use. This integration also gives rise to further weight reduction as well as creating space for up to two additional rows of seating – dependent upon seating position and configuration – which is equivalent to 12 additional revenue seats. And then the Stowalley provides the necessary storage space for the corresponding catering service. If this isn't needed as a dry galley for standard units or trolleys (one full size or two half size) then it can, with just a few touches, be converted into a wardrobe, for example.

The Plug & Stow modules further increase the flexibility of the galleys. They can be quickly and easily exchanged with inserts for the galley to offer additional storage space for the crew's hand luggage or for emergency equipment. As a result there is more storage space for the passengers' hand luggage. Using the Virtual Outside View in this area, passengers seated here can look out of the window – even if there isn't really one there.

The packet comprises:

  • SKYPAX™ module with Innolite lavatory
  • Direct view via SKYPAX™
  • 16G partition with double cabin attendant seat
  • Ceiling with integrated surface light
  • Direct digital printing
  • Plug & Stow modules
  • Stowalley with MAGIC trolley
  • Virtual Outside View
  • Integrated curtain header – ceiling panel

The advantages at a glance:

  • Reduced weight
  • Lower costs
  • Additional seating