Cabin Management System

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Cabin Area Network and Services.

The Cabin Area Network System and Services (CANSAS) is a high-speed cabin network with an open platform. It runs a vast variety of applications and functions including third party applications on an open Linux ecosystem. In addition to non-essential functions, it covers all the traditional cabin management system functions. Characterized by high computing performance and storage capacity CANSAS is fully configurable and adaptable to customer needs.

CANSAS features a variable number of elementary, identical, and versatile devices – the "Input/Output Distribution Nodes" (IODN). The Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the crew is displayed on a Flight Attendant Panel (FAP) which also comprises the same functionality as the IODN.

Supported control and monitoring functions:

  • Smart Boarding with welcome displays, projection, sound/audio, Passenger Service Unit
  • Cabin lighting with extensive lighting and projection scenarios
  • Predictive Health Management with integrated sensors
  • Integrated video monitoring function
  • High quality audio management from handset to speaker
  • Use of mobile devices (Personal Electronic Devices) for crew and passengers

The packet comprises:

  • Flight Attendant Panels
  • Input/Output Distribution Nodes
  • Passenger Service Unit electronics
  • Control and networking of all cabin systems
  • Smart Boarding displays on the overhead stowage compartments
  • Wireless seat monitoring
  • Cabin video surveillance
  • Crew devices
  • Hatch/overhead stowage compartment status
  • Audio & intercom processing

The advantages at a glance:

  • Distributed system with a flexible, scalable architecture
  • Reduced weight and power consumption, fewer parts
  • Quick and easy configuration
  • Adaptable towards airline specific needs
  • Safe and Secure platform for third party applications
  • Integrated (optional) cabin video monitoring function
  • Supports new cabin functions such as Predictive Health Management