Entrance – Welcome Area

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Welcome Area

The entrance area is the passengers' first impression of the aircraft cabin – this is where the experience begins. It is about being personally welcomed on board, enjoying the pleasant environment, being guided to allocated seating, just feeling safe. It is not without reason that manufacturers and operators dedicate such effort to the entrance area.

Diehl Aviation transforms the entrance area into a Welcome Area, which precisely reflects these ideas. What ensures a unique atmosphere is the newly developed, integrated ceiling lining that is combined with state-of-the-art projection technology. On the display in the right-hand partition, each passenger is greeted personally. Displays in the overhead stowage compartments guide them to their seat and potentially even to their pre-reserved luggage storage.

Aircraft manufacturers benefit from reduced installation time for the linings thanks to the integrated component parts and pre-assembly. The lower weight pays for itself, generating an attractive cost of ownership. The streamlining of the boarding process is beneficial to the operator as well.

The packet comprises:

  • Entrance area and door frame lining
  • Entrance ceiling lining with welcome effect projection
  • Accent lighting ceiling
  • Transition panel with ambiance lighting
  • 3D-printed curtain header with transition panel
  • Direct digital printing
  • Display with welcome information

The advantages at a glance:

  • Integrated electronics and equipment, integration of various ATA chapters on the parts
  • FAL-optimized
  • Customizable
  • Weight-saving as main lighting no longer required
  • Customizable components and content
  • Increased headroom