Bookable bin

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Binding reservation, comfortable transportation: the personal luggage bin

Overhead bin challenges: Space is limited. The situation is confusing. The Bookable Bin solves multiple problems at once. First, more luggage can be stored because of the larger capacity of the bins. The light lens at the upper edge of the bin ensures a bright ambience on the cabin ceiling to maintain the spacious feeling in the cabin, and simultaneously the comfortable illumination of the bin. The light lens can have different colors to create light-based splits that support orderly storage of carry-on luggage. To support the proper storage, displays along the bottom of the bin are installed. These generate a a variety of possible applications. The idea of a Bookable Bin is based on the idea of being able to add individual storage to the seat. Reservation information is then shown on the boarding display for the respective segment in the luggage bin. The Bookable Bin is a completely new service and also the opening act for additional services. The display could also be used for branding, advertisement, or other information.

At a glance
At a glance

At a glance

  • Increased capacity through increased volume
  • Light lens for bright ambience on the cabin ceiling, comfortable luggage bin illumination, and segmented light accents
  • Boarding display with various possible uses, e.g. reservation information, branding, customized services
  • Connected functionality of light lens and boarding display for maximum comfort with the personal, bookable luggage bin